YUWANA by ASEAN Youth Forum


Since 2020, we have collaborated with 316 young artist across Southeast Asia and produced 6 (six) editions of Yuwana Zine.

In 2022, we are welcoming young artists to collaborate more meaningfully through Yuwana: Minority Circle for Artivism program. Not only that, we bridge the artworks to wider audience through various programs, such as Podcasts and Exhibitions.

art by Lumina
featured in Yuwana Zine
#6 Creative & Disruptive Resistence

YUWANA Exhibition: Grief, Loss, Arts & Human Rights

In observation of International Human Rights Day
Friday - Saturday, 9 -10 December 2022
in Jakarta & Bangkok

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bangkok, Thailand

Yuwana: Minority Circle for Artivism

Yuwana: Minority Circle for Artivism (YMCA) put emphasis on the belief that young people in Southeast Asia have potent activism energy that can be channeled through the creative medium of artmaking. The program aims to open a space of advocacy that roots from artivism and seed solidarity among the youth in the region. We received numerous applications, and 7 young artists emerged undergoing the journey in YMCA online. They are Roel (Indonesia), Rinsatta Karnjanawati (Thailand), Adobong Papel (The Philippines), doodlesandcolors (Brunei Darussalam), Li Sing (Malaysia), Untonk (Indonesia), and JE (The Philippines). Throughout the 6-week program, the artists learnt about artivism and rights-based approaches that they can integrate in their creative  artmaking process under the principles of learning from, supporting, and inspiring each other.

This year’s YMCA talks about grief, loss, and human rights. The artists work within 2 available circles. The first circle is all about “Body. Freedom, & Violence”. The artists in this circle respond to regional issues that include body autonomy, body liberation, gender expression, freedom of expression, government repression, police brutality, gender-based violence, and right to remedy. On the other hand, the second circle imagines a “better” life under “Making A life: Good Health, Decent Labors, & Sustainable Environment.” They talk about the right to health, right to work, right to healthy and sustainable environment, and climate & environmental justice. Each circle produced 3 arts, and we hope these arts resonate with those who face grief, loss, and rights-related issues one way or another.








Yuwana Zine

Yuwana is derived from Sanskrit word yauvana meaning youth. It stands for young, uniting, witty, accessible, and non-discriminating activism.   We hope through this zine-making process, we could build solidarity among youth in the region.

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art by Ichie
featured in Yuwana Zine #4 LOCKDOWN