YUWANA by ASEAN Youth Forum


Since 2020, we have collaborated with 316 young artist across Southeast Asia and produced 6 (six) editions of Yuwana Zine.

In 2022, we are welcoming young artists to collaborate more meaningfully through Yuwana: Minority Circle for Artivism program. Not only that, we bridge the artworks to wider audience through various programs, such as Podcasts and Exhibitions.

art by Lumina
featured in Yuwana Zine
#6 Creative & Disruptive Resistence

YUWANA Exhibition: Grief, Loss, Arts, and Human Rights

In observation of International Human Rights Day
in Jakarta & Bangkok
Open to Public (all age)

More than 100 arts have been housed in YUWANA Zine editions. This exhibition presents small bits of young voices, youth activism, and human rights narratives. 

Small bits that convey important messages to reflect on.
Small bits full of expression that call for re-imagination of the world.
Small bits that inspire actions.
Small yet galvanizing bits.

“It is time to recognize the significant contribution of the humanities to the promotion of international human rights. To ensure that enforcement occurs, we must change attitudes toward the legal standards, and the arts can play a critical role in this process.” (Martinez & Renteln, 2014 — Human Rights and Art)

Rastra Yasland & Inez A. Wardhani
Initiators of YUWANA Exhibition

I think we are all entitled to grief, don’t you think?

We are actively living in the middle of crisis and violence. And yet this is not the only time ― it has been going on for ages. For generations, crises come and go, and the chain of violence remains unbroken. While grief is personal, it also reflects the wider state of injustice we all collectively live through. And in each of our struggles, we are fighting for a safe space, where we can allow ourselves to sense and to feel. A safe space to be hurt and vulnerable. A space to reclaim. A safe space to pursue collective justice.

You may see the myriad of facades of grief explored by the selected artists. Through their arts, they call for justice. They call for a safe space. They call for solidarity. They call us to mourn and grieve with them. And we shall take their hand with warmth and with love to fight for everything we deserve.

With enormous grief and love, I present you The Exhibition of Yuwana Zine #7.

Pychita Julinanda
Curator of YUWANA Exhibition & YUWANA Zine #7


Date: Saturday - Sunday, 10 - 11 December 2022
Location:  Shopping Mall Gateway Ekkamai
Partnering Organizations: Plan International Asia & Pacific  and Thailand Youth Institute

Artwork Line Up:

  • To You, The Singer by Roel & Rinsatta Karnjanawati (YMCA)
  • To You, From Me by Rinsatta Karnjanawati & Adobong Papel (YMCA)
  • The Pacific in Our Houses by doodlesandcolors, JE, and Li Sing (YMCA)
  • Utopia by doodlesandcolors and Untonk (YMCA)
  • Tây Sơn diễn võ (The martial art of Tây Sơn) by Thanh Tường
  • Yang Ditanam dan Meledak by Solace Things
  • Run Over by Remi Fatamorgana


Date: Friday - Saturday, 9 - 10 December 2022
Location: Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia (Indonesia National Library)

Fringe: YUWANA Talk

Date: Saturday, 10 December 2022, 11AM (GMT+7)
Speakers: Pychita Julinanda (Curator of YUWANA Zine #7 & YUWANA Exhibition); Devina Heriyanto (CSO - Project Multatuli); Ika Vantiani (Indonesian Artist) and Shuri M. Gietty Tambunan (Jakarta Arts Council & Lecturer at Universitas Indonesia)
Moderated by Inez Wardhani (AYF)
Partnering organization: Project Multatuli

Artwork Line Up:

  • To You, The Singer by Roel & Rinsatta Karnjanawati (YMCA)
  • Forgotten by Roel & Rinsatta Karnjanawati (YMCA)
  • To You, From Me by Rinsatta Karnjanawati & Adobong Papel (YMCA)
  • What's Behind Tomorrow? by doodlesandcolors, Untonk, and Li Sing (YMCA)
  • The Pacific in Our Houses by doodlesandcolors, JE, and Li Sing (YMCA)
  • Utopia by doodlesandcolors and Untonk (YMCA)
  • We Stand with The People of Myanmar by ASEAN Youth Forum
  • Si Kuya Jalil by Brianna D. Samson
  • Obituari by Nabris Mufti
  • God, It's Your Turn by Zinha Piedade
  • Blurred Lines by Davina Anne
  • Tây Sơn diễn võ (The martial art of Tây Sơn) by Thanh Tường
  • Rivers, Stars, Seeds, and Butterfly Wings by Rinsatta Karnjanawati
  • Yang Ditanam dan Meledak by Solace Things
  • Hari Baik Bermain Gelembung by Putri Brilliany
  • Run Over by Remi Fatamorgana
  • Menerjemahkan Yeremia by Bageur Al Ikhsan
  • Dear Survivors by Jasmine Cruz
  • An Unwisher's Escape by Llyod Ericson


The Team

Rastra Yasland & Inez Wardhani

Pychita Julinanda

Promotions, Designs & Relations:
Fatimah Zahrah, Rosalind Ratana, Amarawati, & Muhammad Fazlur


Jakarta Team:
Matthew Girsang & Astri R.

Bangkok Team:
Siti Hajar, Thuon Munny, Simon D., Nicha H., Sudthida K., & Nicha Wachpanich.

Plan International Asia & Pacific, Thailand Youth Institute, Project Multatuli, and National Library of Republic of Indonesia


YUWANA is derived from Sanskrit word yauvana meaning youth. It stands for young, uniting, witty, accessible, and non-discriminating activism.   We hope through this zine-making process, we could build solidarity among youth in the region.

News: YUWANA Zine #7: Grief, Loss, and Human Rights are now available.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 7.03.20 AM
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YUWANA: Minority Circle for Artivism (YMCA) put emphasis on the belief that young people in Southeast Asia have potent activism energy that can be channeled through the creative medium of artmaking. The program aims to open a space of advocacy that roots from artivism and seed solidarity among the youth in the region. We received numerous applications, and 7 young artists emerged undergoing the journey in YMCA online. They are Roel (Indonesia), Rinsatta Karnjanawati (Thailand), Adobong Papel (The Philippines), doodlesandcolors (Brunei Darussalam), Li Sing (Malaysia), Untonk (Indonesia), and JE (The Philippines). Throughout the 6-week program, the artists learnt about artivism and rights-based approaches that they can integrate in their creative  artmaking process under the principles of learning from, supporting, and inspiring each other.

This year’s YMCA talks about grief, loss, and human rights. The artists work within 2 available circles. The first circle is all about “Body. Freedom, & Violence”. The artists in this circle respond to regional issues that include body autonomy, body liberation, gender expression, freedom of expression, government repression, police brutality, gender-based violence, and right to remedy. On the other hand, the second circle imagines a “better” life under “Making A life: Good Health, Decent Labors, & Sustainable Environment.” They talk about the right to health, right to work, right to healthy and sustainable environment, and climate & environmental justice. Each circle produced 3 arts, and we hope these arts resonate with those who face grief, loss, and rights-related issues one way or another.





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art by Ichie
featured in Yuwana Zine #4 LOCKDOWN